Help us test something new!

A man with a clipboardMy colleagues in the Teal Squad have been working on a small change that’ll make it easier to distinguish Launchpad users who have similar names.

We’ve got two quick questions in our new survey. Help us make it easier to tell who’s who in Launchpad.

The survey is open for 24 hours only, so get in before 18.00 UTC on the 26th May.

Take our short survey to help us make it easier to tell who’s who in Launchpad!

Photo by Elizabeth M. Licence CC BY 2.0.

4 Responses to “Help us test something new!”

  1. Nalioth Says:

    Survey link broken.

  2. Martin Pitt Says:

    Hmm, is the only difference the ~ in front of the LP name?

    I often search names where LP has multiple results for the complete name (the “John Smith” syndrome).

    What I would find really useful is to see the person’s Karma, and even better, the emblems of their Launchpad teams.

  3. Mani Dhillon Says:

    Well the new change will be better. Easier to recognize someone. Though I really would like that the tilde sign be removed.

  4. Launchpad Blog Says:

    […] « Help us test something new! […]

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