Tilde or not tilde

Hand-rail shaped like a tildeWhen Launchpad shows someone’s display name, it’s not always clear who it’s referring to.

With so many people registered in Launchpad, it’s not surprising that some of them share a name. However, every Launchpad id is unique. Mine’s matthew.revell and no matter how many other Matthew Revells there might be in Launchpad, I’ll always be the only one with that ID.

To help clarify who’s who, we’re going to show the ID in more places alongside the display name. Two of those places are the person picker — so you know for sure that you’re selecting the right person — and at the top of the profile page.

There was some discussion, though, as to whether people would recognise that we were showing the person’s Launchpad ID. One way to make it clearer, it was suggested, would be to place a tilde in front of the ID.

On Wednesday I set up a survey asking which of these you prefer:

Person picker with tilde

Person picker without tilde

And which of these you prefer:

Profile header with tilde

Profile header without tilde

Rather than say it straight out — i.e. do you like the tilde? — I wanted to see if people noticed it.

The majority of people who responded to the survey said they preferred the versions without the tilde.

For the person picker, 23.6% of the respondents preferred the version with the tilde and 76.4% preferred the version without.

For the profile page it was a little different and even more in favour of the version without the tilde: 18.4% preferred the version with the tilde, whereas 81.6% preferred the version without.

Thanks to everyone who took part. It’s now over the to Teal Squad to digest the results.

Photo by Fling Poo. Licence: CC BY 2.0.

3 Responses to “Tilde or not tilde”

  1. Daeng Bo Says:

    Definitely the tilde. It means something to me, and it makes the portion in the parentheses perfectly clear. While most Ubuntu users might not know this meaning of the tilde, Launchpad’s audience (devs) should. Use it. It’s a nice visual clue.

  2. Jonathan Carter Says:

    Heh, I snagged “~jonathan” quite early on :p

  3. asac Says:

    I am happy that you address this problem … whatever you do here, it will substantially help me in my day to day work in launchpad.n

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