Countdown to the pie


We are now one month away from the Dublin Thunderdome and the stakes of the game have increased substantially since last time! At UDS, Jonathan announced he was willing to take a pie in the face if we achieved our 0 critical bugs goal. Two others joined him in the bet.

As of this writing, we have 210 critical bugs left to fix to pie Jono, Ted and Neil. (203 actually, since  7 of those are bugs escalated after the bet announcement.) Unfortunately, their face seems pretty safe :-/ If we look at the trend of the last 4 weeks, we see that we are burning down about 12 bugs per week. At this rate, we would achieve this goal in 18 weeks, so around the end of September.  3 months too late for a pie! This week, the Yellow squad is starting on maintenance, so we’ll see if they can improve on the 12 bugs a week burn-down. I mean, that number is 3 times the long-term rate which is more like 4 a week, so we are definitively improving! Both because we are better at fixing bugs, but also because the number of newly found issues is declining. You can see the combined effect of this on the burndown graph as the slope gets much sharper on the right.


It doesn’t look much better on our third objective which  is to have a free slot in the stakeholders Next queue. This week the Teal squad resumed work on the our project to improve Launchpad privacy features. They did an initial break-down of the project and they have work until the next UDS! The Red squad is finishing off derived distributions, probably before the Thunderdome. But even then, at that point we would be starting on adding customizable columns on search results. And the Next queue would still be full at 2 items. On the plus side, we won’t be over our work-in-process limit anymore 🙂

I’m looking forward to see how this all turns out in Dublin, but whatever happens, at the very least, we’ll have succeeded early on our 9s timeout objective.

Photo by David Muir. Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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