Inkscape moving to Launchpad!

Inkscape logoThe community behind Inkscape – the free software vector drawing tool – have chosen Launchpad as their new bug tracker!

Bryce Harrington, one of the project’s founders, explained why:

“The Inkscape project is gearing up for our next coming release, and based on our experience doing the past release, our current bug tracking system is really not up to the task of managing a large number of bugs.

“Launchpad has all the usual advanced bug management capabilities that we need. We’re also looking forward to making good use of the external bug tracker linking for keeping a watch on key bug reports in Cairo, Gtk, and other projects we depend on.”

Launchpad developer James Henstridge is working with the Inkscape team over the next few days to import their bug history from Sourceforge. If you’re interested in switching your project’s bug tracking to Launchpad – with complete bug history – drop us a mail to

3 Responses to “Inkscape moving to Launchpad!”

  1. KBU (Kagou Blog Ubuntu) Says:

    Inkscape gère ses bugs sous launchpad…

    Annoncé sur Inkscape bascule son système de gestion de Bug vers ce dernier. Traduction libre de l’annonce : La communauté derrière Inkscape – Le logiciel libre de dessin vectoriel – a choisi Launchpad comme système de…

  2. Victor Westmann Says:

    Yay! Count me in on the translation!!! 🙂

  3. Zlatko Nikolic Says:

    I hope that this is the way to make Inkscape much more pro-like.

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