Translating using Launchpad is now faster and you’ll see next to no timeouts.

Over the past month, Launchpad’s Translations developers – Carlos, Danilo and Jeroen – have worked exclusively on simplifying the database and code used by Launchpad Translations. Danilo told me a bit about what they’ve done:

“This is a very welcome change of data model which has enabled us to cut the code size by 30%, improve speed and keep the same set of features. Even if this doesn’t solve all the timeout problems, it provides us with the infrastructure to do so in the near future.”

If you use Launchpad Translations, you can expect exports and imports to take roughly half as long as before and everyday use of Launchpad Translations to be noticeably faster.

6 Responses to “Translations”

  1. André Gondim Says:

    Sounds Good!!


  2. Athropos Says:

    Is a search feature planned for translations in Launchpad? I’m using it for one of my applications, and it’s current quite annoying when I find an error in a string since there is no way (apparently) to access it directly. I currently have to go through all strings to find the good one.

  3. Victor Westmann Says:

    Hey! Im a HUFE fan of inkscape and user since 0.32 version… if the project really goes to Rosetta can, please, any of you, tell me?

    I’d love to join in the translation team (pt_BR).



  4. Launchpad downtime 03.00 UTC 25th November at Launchpad blog Says:

    […] Maintenance « Translations […]

  5. Tiago Says:

    Can you guys change the color of the comments?
    It needs more contrast. Much more contrast.

  6. Matthew Revell Says:

    Tiago: you’re right, the comment text is too light. I’ve filed a bug for this – bug/172531

    Victor: I’ll pass your message to the Inkscape guys.

    Athropos: I’m writing a blog post to show how to search translations using Google.

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