Launchpad downtime 03.00 UTC 25th November

As I blogged yesterday, Launchpad 1.1.11 includes major speed and reliability improvements to Launchpad Translations. Much of this is thanks to a new simplified structure for the Translations database.

With 837,333 strings across 8,112 templates in 244 languages, the patch to modify the Translations database tables affects millions of rows of data. Extensive testing gave us a benchmark of around three hours to apply the new database structure. During yesterday’s release of 1.1.11, it became clear that it would actually take much longer.

Rather than keep Launchpad offline for longer than the three and a half hour window we’d announced, we decided to delay the roll-out of Launchpad 1.1.11. Thankfully, PostgreSQL and the scripts that we use to apply the updates to our database are fully transactional so no recovery step was needed.

Following further testing, we’re now going to release Launchpad 1.1.11 on Sunday 25th November. We’re allowing an eight hour window, meaning that we expect Launchpad to be offline between 03.00 UTC and 11.00 UTC on that day.

Thanks for bearing with us while we take Launchpad offline for this time.

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