Phone interviews about your Launchpad usage

In the Canonical Launchpad team, we all use Launchpad every day. As you’d expect, we also have a lot of contact with people who use Launchpad, both for Ubuntu and other projects.

While personal experience of Launchpad and informal contact give us an insight into how some people use Launchpad and what developments we can introduce to help people do more, we want to cast the net wider.

That’s why, at last month’s Ubuntu Developer Summit in Dallas, I kicked off a new series of Launchpad user interviews.

The next set of interviews will be by phone, later this month, and I’d like to invite you to take part. It’ll take between 30 minutes and one hour and I’ll pay for the call 🙂 During the conversation, I’ll ask you some straightforward questions about how you use Launchpad.

Right now, I’m mostly looking for people who act as a bridge between Ubuntu and an upstream project. For example, you may work on an upstream project (whether or not it uses Launchpad isn’t important) and you occasionally check Launchpad to see what bugs Ubuntu users have filed against that project as it is packaged in Ubuntu. Or maybe you translate both for an upstream project and you work on translations for the project’s Ubuntu package.

That’s not a strict requirement, though: I’m interested in hearing from everyone who wants to talk about their Launchpad usage.

If you’re interested, send me an email (my first name dot my last name at canonical dot com) with a brief description of what you use Launchpad for and I’ll choose ten people for this initial set of phone interviews. Also, let me know your availability for a phone call.

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    […] (Those conversations are continuing, too — if you’d like to be a source, especially if you’re an upstream developer whose software is packaged in Ubuntu or Debian and you’ve seen bug reports, translations, or other data come to your project via Launchpad, then please see Matthew Revell’s invitation.) […]

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