Soyuz 3.0

The Soyuz team was very, very busy over the last year fixing lots of bugs and adding plenty of new features. These are the highlights that I’d like to mention!

New features

  • Multiple PPAs per person — split your packages into different repositories without the hassle of creating new LP users.
  • Karma for uploads! Distro and PPA uploaders (and the package creator if different) will be recognised for their work and get karma.
  • Massively improved webservice APIs to control various operations, such as copying packages, manipulating builds, inspecting PPAs etc. Allows script-based control of many soyuz-related operations.
  • Hugely faster build farm scanner, builds are dispatched a LOT quicker now. That means there’s less waiting around for your packages to get built.
  • Private PPA subscriptions / tokens. People can now control who is able to download their PPA software.
  • Package sets and their upload ACLs implemented for Ubuntu. Karmic and onwards will be using package sets for upload permissioning.
  • Security in Soyuz. Complete support for the Canonical security team to use a private PPA and directly unembargo packages from it.

3.0 UI

We also did a lot of complete page redesigns for 3.0:

  • PPA page split into two pages; one user-focused, one developer-focused.
  • New build page, with a cleaner look.
  • New global /builders page; sortable table data and a time-based estimate of the queue sizes.
  • New distribution source package release page; much better presentation of data.
  • New distribution source package page; makes more use of upstream package description/logo etc.
  • Distro series source package release page gets a new layout.
  • Builder +admin and builder +edit collapsed into a single page.
  • New builder page.

But the work doesn’t stop here. We’re already thinking about 4.0!

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