Launchpad Translations 3.0

Launchpad 3.0 is a major milestone for Translations. Along with many small improvements across the board, here are the highlights.

Improved UI and navigation

Along with the rest of Launchpad, Translations has switched to the new and stream-lined 3.0 layout. However, that’s not all: we’ve fixed a huge number of small annoyances while doing this conversion, and we expect your experience to be much nicer.

The new Launchpad layout

One of bigger improvements has come through…

Personal dashboard

You are a reviewer in a translation team, and wonder if somebody has submitted any suggestions you can look at? Or, you’re stumped about what you could translate next?

Your personal dashboard now lists all the translations you’ve worked on in the past if they’ve got something you can help with: unreviewed suggestions, or strings that need translating.

Bazaar integration

You’ve got your code hosted in Launchpad, but you have to manually upload and download tarballs with translation files?

Not any more! With 3.0, Launchpad allows you to directly import all translations from your code branches, and to have them automatically committed to a separate or the very same branch.

Translations sharing

Your project has multiple series (eg. stable and trunk)? Translators have to go through both just to keep them up-to-date? Well, not with Launchpad.

If same strings appear in both series, translating it on one will have it automatically get translated in the other.

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