Welcome to BerliOS projects

It’s sad to read that BerliOS will close in December, after nearly twelve years of serving open source projects. One fewer project hosting site means that the open source world is that bit poorer.

If you’ve been hosting your project on the BerliOS Developer platform and you’re looking for a new home, you’ve got plenty of choice.

We’d love to welcome you to Launchpad and here are a few reasons why you should consider Launchpad:

If you have questions, you’re very welcome to join us in #launchpad on FreeNode and the launchpad-users mailing list.


5 Responses to “Welcome to BerliOS projects”

  1. Fitoschido Says:

    Put this post in Launchpad’s frontpage! It’s important!

  2. Lauchpad será hogar para el difunto BerliOS Says:

    […] Y aquí termina la descripción ofrecida en el blog de Lauchpad. […]

  3. miey Says:

    i’m having anxciety over the windows seven. I’m sort of lost,and am completely frustrated about how difficult it’s been to log onto win 7. I’m quite disheartened. I thought that p.c.’s were were supposed to deal with window’s of all sorts. I’m beginning to think that there may be a block up?

    Sincerely, Michael Leslie Johnson

  4. so Says:

    Is launchpad itself opensource?

  5. Martin Pool Says:

    @so yes, Launchpad is open source, see https://dev.launchpad.net/ for how to get and run the code

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