Finding bugs that affect you

We’ve recently deployed two features that make it easier to find bugs that you’re previously said affect you:

1: On your personal bugs page, there’s now an Affecting bugs that shows all these bugs.

2: On a project, distribution or source package bug listing page, there’s now a “Bugs affecting me” filter on the right (for example, bugs affecting you in the Launchpad product).

Counts of the number of affected users already help developers know which bugs are most urgent to fix, both directly and by feeding into Launchpad’s bug heat heuristic. With these changes, the “affects me” feature will also make it easier for you to keep an eye on these bugs, without having to subscribe to all mail from them.

screenshot of "This bug affects me" control

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4 Responses to “Finding bugs that affect you”

  1. Fitoschido Says:

    This is SO nice, mbp! Except that I got a timeout right now but anyway this new feature is cool. Thanks!

  2. Martin Pool Says:

    Thanks, Fitoschido! for the timeouts.

  3. iGadget Says:

    And how about when you file a bug which then turns out the be a dup of some other bug? Will LP then automatically set ‘affects me too’ for the ‘master’ bug (IMHO, it should)?

  4. Martin Pool Says:

    iGadget, we do know that you’re affected by a dupe but we don’t mark the master as affecting you – see and .

    For this specific issue,

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