What should be in our featured project list?

SpotlightsBack in September, I asked for suggestions for featured projects for Launchpad’s front page.

As it’s been more than six months, and we have so many exciting projects in Launchpad, I think it’s time for a refresh. While all the projects featured on Launchpad’s front page are still doing great work, it’s only fair to give some others a turn in the spotlight 🙂

So, which projects do you want to see on the front page and why?

Photo by Adrián Pérez. Licence: CC-BY-SA.

8 Responses to “What should be in our featured project list?”

  1. fernand Says:

    Gufw: A firewall incredibly simple to use – https://launchpad.net/gui-ufw

  2. z Says:

    synapse, basenji

  3. Vadim P. Says:

    Unity would be a good one.

  4. Bilal Akhtar Says:

    OpenStack! I was quite surprised to not find it there.

  5. Lantash Says:

    In my opinion, one should feature those projects that make use of a large proportion of Launchpad.net’s functionality (Code, Bugs, Blueprints, Translations, Answers, PPAs, Recipes, etc.). In addition, one should not consider projects which haven’t been active in a long time.

    Unity is definitely a good candidate. And I’d love to see LottaNZB stay a featured project.

  6. Chris Johnston Says:

    Create a script to rotate through the most:

    recent commits

    any other type of thing that could be calculated would work.

  7. Rafał Cieślak Says:

    Basically, I agree with Lantash.

    However, I want to suggest one more thing.
    As for now on the featured list I can see a bunch of well-known projects, and I have no interest in them. My suggestion is to feature projects that are not famous, but deserve being featured because they fully use all launchpad functionality, are actively developed etc. This way the features list would display not only the ‘cool’ projects, but also ‘interesting projects you may not know about’. Not only that would promote infamous projects, but also would increase the attractiveness of the featured projects list, and, as a side-effect, make the launchpad’s home page more interesting.

    And it’s just *boring* to always see ubuntu, bazaar, inkscape, zeitgeist, do, A4, terminator (and many more) ALL THE TIME on the front page.

  8. Launchpad Blog Says:

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