You can hide your bug and question comments

You can now hide your own bug and question comments. If you want to hide a comment made in error, you can use the “Hide comment” action.

hide your comment

You can see it, and even unhide it if you choose. The project’s maintainer or the trusted people delegated to work with private information can still see your comment.

your hidden comment

This allows you, or the people the project shares private information with, to hide just the comments that contain personal information. The bug does not need to be made private if the comment can be hidden. Project maintainers can also hide comments because they contain spam or abuse.


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5 Responses to “You can hide your bug and question comments”

  1. Fitoschido Says:

    The “Hide comment” option seems to be unavailable for own question comments…

  2. Resistance Says:

    @Fitoschido, if that’s the issue, you need to file a bug against LP itself

  3. Roel Says:

    @Fitoschido, hit refresh, the option only becomes available after a page refresh.

  4. Bib Says:

    Somebody still has the problem with UN-hide ( ). So do I.


  5. d1re Says:

    after page refreshed, the unhide link is not accessible any more, wondering is it permanently deleted?

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