Launchpad offline 00.00 – 02.00 UTC 1st July

We’re rolling out the code for Launchpad 1.2.6 in the early hours of July 1st. This means we’ll have to take Launchpad offline for a couple of hours.

Launchpad goes offline: 00.00 UTC 1st July
Expected back online: 02.00 UTC 1st July.

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2 Responses to “Launchpad offline 00.00 – 02.00 UTC 1st July”

  1. Chris Samuel Says:

    That’s not the early hours, that’s 10am-midday here in Melbourne! 🙂

  2. Matthew Revell Says:

    Fair enough 🙂 I’m usually quite anal about putting “UTC” after that sort of thing, but you caught me out this time 🙂

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