More control over your code imports

Launchpad’s code imports give you all the benefits of Bazaar’s distributed version control for code that’s stored in CVS and Subversion repositories.

Now you can get far more detail on the progress of individual code imports, direct on that import’s overview page. You can also see when the next import is due and, if that’s not soon enough, request one take place straight away.

For an example, take a look at the Cairo Dock import.

Michael Hudson is the Launchpad developer who’s been working on this. He had this to say:

“The main change is that all the information about the state of the system is now stored in one place. While this in itself isn’t very visible to our users, it means that we can now give them a lot more information about the status of a new or existing import.

“The new system is also better automated, which frees up our sysadmins to get on with other important work!”

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  1. David Allouche Says:

    Glad to see this landed eventually.

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