Simpler interface

You have noticed that things have changed in Launchpad’s web interface.

Now, on bugs pages, the translations pages and distribution overview pages you’ll see that many of the option you use most often are now in the body of the page, right next to the data they affect.

Let’s take a look at a bug in the package in Ubuntu as an example.

Here you can see that options such as “Mark as duplicate” and “Link a related branch” are now right in the body of the page. Matthew Paul Thomas, who looks after Launchpad’s UI, explained the changes:

“We realize that if you’ve been using Launchpad for a while, these changes may take a bit of getting used to. But we’re confident that the new designs will be more efficient once you’re familiar with them. We also expect they’ll be easier for people using Launchpad for the first time.

“They also pave the way for even simpler interfaces in future Launchpad releases, where you’ll be able to click on something and edit it in place.”

Let us know how you get on with these page designs.

4 Responses to “Simpler interface”

  1. BUGabundo Says:

    but does it make sence in havind two times the button to edit the OP ?

    i dont think so.

    i know its a taste thing, but can we have another green for the buttons? i’m not to found of this choice.

  2. Jonathan Carter Says:

    To be honest, I preferred the narrower reading area. I can understand how more space can be beneficial, but it does seem to affect readability in a negative way. Otherwise, nice work!

  3. mpt Says:

    Thanks for your comments, Bugabundo and Jonathan.

    Bugabundo, eventually you’ll be able to edit the bug summary and description separately. And I have already made a less-fluorescent version of the Add button, which should appear on Launchpad in the next couple of weks.

    Jonathan, soon I’ll set a maximum width for paragraphs and text fields so that the translation pages don’t get uncomfortably wide.

  4. Launchpad News Says:

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