Email interface to code review

Launchpad’s new code review system gives you a public place to discuss and vote on proposed code mergers. What’s more, you can easily access the discussion directly from both branches involved.

This month, we’ve added an email interface to make it easier to fit Launchpad-based code review into your workflow.

Aaron Bentley, who’s been working on the feature, explains:

Code review by email makes each merge proposal into a mini-mailing list. People can participate fully in code review whether they prefer to do it using web or email.

Taking part in a code review by email is very much like using the Launchpad bug tracker’s email interface.

Reply to an email from the code review and your comment is added to the discussion in Launchpad. If you want to vote by email, leave a space at the start of the line and then one of the following commands:

  • vote approve
  • vote disapprove
  • vote abstain

So, now code review in Launchpad is as easy as any code review by email but with the added benefit of a public record of the code review in Launchpad.

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