Launchpad 1.2.6: code review by email and improved bug page Ui

The Launchpad team is proud to announce the 1st July 2008 release of Launchpad 1.2.6!

New features in this release include:

  • two great improvements to code review, including an email interface
  • a new interface for bugs, translations and distribution pages
  • and more control code imports!

Read on for more about what’s new and how it affects you.

Code review by email

Launchpad’s new code review system gives you a public place to discuss and vote on proposed code mergers. What’s more, you can easily access the discussion directly from both the target and source branch.

This month, we’ve added an email interface to make it easier to fit Launchpad-based code review into your workflow.

Read more in our blog post on code review by email.

Nominate a code reviewer

More improvements to Launchpad’s code review!

If you’re involved in a merge proposal – as the owner of either the source or target branch – you can invite someone else to give their view on the proposal.

Visit any of your merge proposals to trigger an email invitation to take part in your code review.

Bugs, translations and distribution pages now easier to use

We’ve revamped the bug view, translations and distribution pages to make them easier to use.

Read more in our blog post on the simplified bug page, translations and distro page UI.

More control over code imports

Launchpad’s code imports give you all the benefits of Bazaar’s distributed version control for code that’s stored in CVS and Subversion repositories.

Now you can get far more detail on the progress of individual code imports direct on that import’s overview page.

Michael Hudson, the Launchpad developer whose been working on the new code import system, explains more in our blog post.

Other changes this month

Launchpad’s now running Bazaar 1.6b3, which will pave the way for quicker uploads to projects that already have code in Launchpad. Stay up to date with the latest Bazaar release news.

For full details of the bug fixes and features that make up this release, take a look at the 1.2.6 milestone page.

Stay in touch!

Thanks for your bug reports, feature ideas and other feedback! If you come across any bugs, please report them.

If you want to get in touch for any other reason, join us in #launchpad or on launchpad-users.

July’s going to be an exciting time for Launchpad. Keep an eye on this blog!

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    Launchpad passe en 1.2.6…

    Ce premier juillet 2008, Launchpad[1] est passé en version 1.2.6[2] apportant son lot de nouveautés et d’améliorations diverses et variées. Notes [1] Site de Launchpad [2] Annonce…

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