Launchpad read-only from 22.00 UTC 29th April 2009

We’re releasing a new version of Launchpad on the 29th April at 22.00 UTC. While we roll-out the new code, Launchpad will remain online but will be read-only.

Going read-only: 22.00 UTC 29th April 2009
Expected return of read-write Launchpad: 23.30 UTC 29th April 2009

During this time, you can browse Launchpad and use Launchpad’s OpenID server to log into other services including the Ubuntu wiki and Landscape.

At 22.00 UTC, when we switch Launchpad into read-only mode, you may notice a short period when Launchpad is unavailable. If you do, please wait five minutes then try again.

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