Less mail for mailing list admins

Many mailing lists in Launchpad are open teams – that is, anyone is welcome to join, or leave, as they choose.

Until today, every time that happened all the list admins were mailed when someone joined or left their team, even though there is no action to take : in an open team, you cannot kick someone out.

We’ve fixed this – now for open teams (and only open teams) when someone joins or leaves the team, the team admins will not be notified.

In future we will have a subscription facility for team admins that do want these emails, and at that point we will make them optional for all team types.

2 Responses to “Less mail for mailing list admins”

  1. Jay Pipes Says:

    woohoo! 🙂 good stuff!

  2. Launchpad Blog Says:

    […] on from our earlier work of sending less but better mail and making it faster to import i18n translation templates: Launchpad will no longer send mail when […]

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