Launchpad Answers is faster

Users of Launchpad Answers will see that asking a question, editing it, or posting a comment to it is faster. Email about question changes is sent a few minutes latter. Many bugs relating to question emails were fixed as we moved the work of sending emails to the new process.

Users and answer contacts saw slow pages or time out errors when working with questions in large projects. Simple actions like asking a question or providing an answer would fail. It was common to see errors converting bugs into questions. A few weeks ago, we saw that 8 of the top 10 kinds of time outs involved questions; though this ratio was caused in part by the tremendous work of making other parts of Launchpad faster.

The root cause of the slow question pages was sending email to all the subscribers before showing the next page. The solution was to queue the the event to notify subscribers, and send the emails later. While updating the code, there were many opportunities to fix related Answers bugs. I am particularly pleased with the changes to the rules to create a question. There were four lines of code, and while I intended to fix one line, I realised there was a bug related to each line of code. In a matter of minutes I had fixed four bugs. The most obvious change you will see is that question emails will now state that you received the email because you asked the question, where previously you were merely described as a subscriber.


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  1. Ysaias Says:

    I would like to fix that package
    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    python-ubuntuone-control-panel: Depends: python (>= 2.7) but 2.7.1-0ubuntu5 is installed
    Depends: gir1.2-soup-2.4 but it is not installed
    Depends: python-ubuntuone-client (>= 1.6.0) but 1.6.2-0ubuntu1 is installed
    Depends: ubuntu-sso-client (>= 1.2.0) but 1.2.1-0ubuntu1 is installed

  2. Fitoschido Says:

    Wow! Can we see the source diff?

    Thank you all guys for making Launchpad rock!

  3. Curtis Hovey Says:

    yes, though I do not think it is very comprehensible: <>. This shows the creation of QuestionEmailJob and the refactoring to incorporate it into the notifications that are subscribed to the question creation and modification events. There were about 6 individual branches that were merged to complete this work over 20 days.

  4. Jose yiret Says:

    mas que una respuesta tengo es una pregunta: soy nuevo usando linux en este caso el ubuntu 11.04 cero que es así… instale el win por el gestor de paquetes sinaptic o algo así ni idea de que versión lo configura o ejecute y me oculto todos los accesos a los programas y ahora no puedo hacer nada con mi linux como axeso a los programas o como vuelvo a configurar para quitar eso…. por favor digan algo que ya no se nada que hacer

  5. paul stone Says:


  6. Subrahmanyam Says:

    I could not add repository using the command sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa, I am receiving the following error

    “Error reading ”

    Please help me.

  7. Kendall Joyal Says:

    I have combined several items in launchpad and am not able to change the name of the group that is automatically assigned. How do I do this?

  8. Juan Rojo Says:

    I just upgrade my ubuntu 11.04 to ubuntu 11.10 and the screen turn black, I tried to reset it but still come out lines and stripes. How can I fix it? algo similar me paso cuando un dia quise upgrade my ubuntu y todo se complico y no podia abrirlo ni ver nada, lo que hice fue reinstalar ubuntu y resulto pero esta vez no resulta.Si pudieran ayudarme por favor

  9. Oskars Says:

    How can i intall geforce 7025/630a driver on ubuntu 32.bit.. where can to download valid driver (previously i downloaded on nvidia home page), but when i unpack it, system wrote that some symbols system can not read… and how to instal it???

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