Launchpod episode 8: developer interview with Curtis Hovey and chat about Landscape

Launchpod: the Launchpad team podcast! The latest from the Launchpad developers, questions from Launchpad users and stories from people who’ve found Launchpad useful.

Hosts: Matthew Revell, Joey Stanford, Barry Warsaw and Graham Binns.

Theme: Obscurity by Barry Warsaw.

  • 00:45: Introducing Graham Binns, Launchpad Bug Tracker developer.
  • 06.20: Curtis Hovey, from the Launchpad Foundations team, talks about Launchpad’s community support application, Answers.
  • 20.15: Joey’s number of the week!
  • 22.50: Jamu Kakar talks about Landscape, Canonical’s remote management tool for Ubuntu machines.

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