Launchpad’s new look

Hey – quick update from Matthew Revell: Launchpad’s looking a bit different today! That’s because we’ve begun the roll-out of our next major version of Launchpad.

In fact, you may already have seen mention of Launchpad 2.0 in the press already, such as at The Register and Ars Technica.

There’ll be more from us next week, with a full run-down of what 2.0’s all about. Until then, I’ll hand back to Joey:

When designing the updated interface, many existing user interface bugs were taken into consideration as well as taking inspiration from some of the websites that we love to use. The interface updates are part of a larger effort to make Launchpad easier to use. The first noticeable changes deployed with our previous release, 1.2.6.

Matthew Paul Thomas, who looks after Launchpad’s UI, explained the changes:

“We realize that if you’ve been using Launchpad for a while, these changes may take a bit of getting used to. But we’re confident that the new designs will be more efficient once you’re familiar with them. We also expect they’ll be easier for people using Launchpad for the first time.

“They also pave the way for even simpler interfaces in future Launchpad releases, where you’ll be able to click on something and edit it in place.”

As Matthew said, we are working toward the ability to allow in-place editing where possible. These changes you see in Launchpad today are a step in that direction.

We will be making a few additional adjustments to the interface over the next few weeks as part of our polishing efforts.

3 Responses to “Launchpad’s new look”

  1. Vercingetorix Says:

    In the week since you released the new version two long standing and highly respected Ubuntu MOTUs have quit due in large part to the changes. Ubuntu is just a packaging of other people’s work. Bug 1 will never be resolved if you insist on driving away the very people dedicated to making that happen.

  2. Jadd Says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t like the new look at all. The old one was much prettier, and more usable. The new delete and edit icons are as clear as mud, it took me ages to find them, please add text next to the icons. Tasks like changing your SSH key or your email address are now extremely difficult to find and do. New bugs have been introduced, like Bug 251768. And why on Earth are you using two logos, an lp logo and a the competition winner logo?

  3. Matthew Revell Says:

    Vercingetorix: I’ve spoken to one of the MOTUs you mention and I’m sorry they’ve chosen to leave MOTU. In the next couple of weeks, Reinhard Tartler – the LaunchpadMOTU liaison – and I will be looking at ways that we can improve the experience for MOTUs.

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