The Shutter logoScreenshots are screenshots, right? If whacking the “Print Screen” button doesn’t offer enough refinement, then surely firing up The Gimp, gnome-screenshot or knsapshot would give you what you need, wouldn’t it?

The team behind Shutter would disagree. I was interested to know what would motivate someone to develop a new screenshot app, so I asked Mario Kemper why he began work on Shutter.

Mario: Well, I am a computer science student working as QA person in my freetime. When i started to do the QA work I was looking for a neat screenshot application because we are doing a lot of documentation for the developers as well.

There were some apps like ksnapshot, gnome-screenshot etc. but they all focus on a single screenshot; no editing features, no session, no nice effects etc. So i started to develop Shutter (formerly gscrot) with these features and goals in mind.

There is another big point, though: we all spend much of our time in forums, wikis, chats etc. From time to time we need to do some screenshots and upload them so we can share them with other people so i wanted to have a built-in function to upload your screenshot with nice link-formatting so you can post the generated link directly in the forum, wiki etc.

Shutter uses Launchpad for bugs, code, translations, answers and blueprints. You can get hold of Shutter from the Shutter team’s Personal Package Archive.

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  1. Andrew Says:


  2. Ramon Miranda Says:

    Shutter is the better software that i have tested to make Screenshots. As a tutorial maker (gimp, Mypaint, gimp paint studio) i know how much time it takes to prepare all the images with texts, legends, numbers of steps… This is the past now. I have discovered Shutter and it is perfect for my tutorials.

    Thanks to Shutter Team to make this so good app.

    Ramon Miranda
    GPS project Chairman

  3. Laz Says:

    hey… having trouble getting Shutter to offer the Goo:Canvas plugin within Ubuntu 18. This is a known issue?? is there a workaround? some work that needs to be done to make it work right?

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Jojo Maquiling Says:

    I’m using this for quite sometime in my Ubuntu/Debian based PC. This is really helpful in my coding and I agree with Marlo this helps me fixing/pointing out some of the parts on the screen that needs to be shown/pointed out. Although this is no longer maintained, I still believe it is very good one and in fact I have replaced the Ctr-Shift-PrintScreen shortcut on my Unity just to have it working with shutter.

    Thanks for the Shutter Dev team.

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