Launchpad 1.1.12 now live!

Welcome to the last Launchpad release of 2007! The highlights of Launchpad 1.1.12 include:

  • Project announcements: get the latest news from a project or
    distribution directly on its Launchpad overview page. Or subscribe
    to its Atom feed.
  • Bug feeds: subscribe to an Atom feed of all the bugs related to any distribution, project, team and person in Launchpad. Also subscribe to individual bugs.
  • Higher quality bug reports: if you’re a project owner you can now ask Launchpad to display your bug reporting guidelines to people who file bugs against your project.
  • Launchpad is running Bazaar 1.0.0. Congratulations to the Bazaar team on this new release!

Read the full release notes for more on what’s new in this release. See you next year when we’ll be back in January with Launchpad 1.2.1!

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