Launchpad 1.1.8 released

Earlier this morning, we unleashed Launchpad 1.1.8, our release for August 2007.

1.1.8 sees a great deal of activity in the Bug Tracker, an important new feature in Code, an exciting development in the Personal Package Archives beta and improvements right across every other part of Launchpad.

Highlights include:

  • The Personal Package Archives beta is now ready to start running in Launchpad’s production environment ( and will be available to Launchpad beta testers a day or two after this release.
  • Branch owners can now specify which branch, if any, they intend to merge their code into. This will make it easier for other Launchpad users to understand the original branch owner’s intentions for their code.
  • People, projects and distribution series (e.g. Ubuntu Feisty) have pages showing their own translation import queues.
  • Branches with no subscribers, links or mirrors can be deleted.
  • Emails from the Bug Tracker now state the bug’s milestone in the header.
  • Setting a bug’s tag is now possible using the email interface.
  • The bug view page is easier to use following several interface improvements.

There’s a whole load more, too! Read the full release notes to find out more.

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