Launchpad 1.2.2: faster PPA builds, enhanced bug subscriptions and more karma!

It’s time for another Launchpad release and this is one with something for just about everyone!

  • Faster PPA builds: we’ve cut the time it takes to build packages in PPAs. The moment you upload your source, Launchpad starts building.
  • More bug notifications: now you can subscribe to get bug mail about any milestone, project, package or distribution.
  • Savannah bug watches: keep an eye on bugs tracked at and
  • Easier branch registrations: we’ve improved the UI on the branch registration page.
  • Karma fiends take note: registering branches and linking branches to bugs or blueprints now earns you karma! Find out more about karma.

There’s also exciting news for Launchpad beta testers! You can now apply to use Launchpad to run a mailing list for a team you’re involved with. Find out more about the mailing list beta.

Not a beta tester yet? Learn more about our beta programme and find out what you’re missing!

Read the full Launchpad 1.2.2 release notes.

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