Bazaar IDE integration

Here on the Launchpad team we work pretty closely with the Bazaar community.

This week, Canonical‘s London HQ has been host to a Bazaar sprint. It’s been great to meet up with members of the Bazaar community from Australia, the USA, Argentina, France, the Netherlands, Hungary and the UK. I’ve been working with them on plans for a new Bazaar administrator’s guide.

I’ve also recorded a short chat with Martin Albisetti who is leading the new Bazaar IDE integration team. Martin talks about the technical and advocacy approaches they plan to take.

Listen to the interview with Martin.

2 Responses to “Bazaar IDE integration”

  1. Massimo Manca Says:

    I would like to have a plugin to integrate bazaar with C Builder 6 Eclipse and DevCpp… would be also a good thing to have something like an ide integration template (also in pseudo code) to help bazaar integration in other ides.

  2. Michael R. Head Says:

    I’d love to see a transcript of the interview!

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