New guides to translating your project

I’ve revamped our guides to translating your project in Launchpad, with help from Jeroen and Danilo. You can find them here:

Let me know if you think there’s anything missing or that could be better explained.

6 Responses to “New guides to translating your project”

  1. Michael Rooney Says:

    Thanks for this guide! One thing that would be nice to cover, and that I am currently stuck on, is what to do with the .po files that you get from using the auto-export. Previously I would manually export mo files, but now that I’m automatically exporting to a branch, I’m not sure how to compile those to mo files, and I have had a surprising amount of trouble finding the solution online. So, I can’t figure out how to actually use them in my application from the branch.

    Also, for people new to translating a project, I didn’t see anything covering the general i18n process such as using gettext or generating the template; the guide seems to assume you already have enough knowledge to have a template, but don’t know how to do anything else, which might cut out a bunch of potential users of this guide.

  2. Kamil Páral Says:

    Michael: $ msgfmt -cv file.po

  3. Michael Rooney Says:

    Ping! Any response to my questions and comments?

  4. Jeroen Vermeulen Says:

    Michael: Kamíl already answered your question about how to convert PO files to MO files. We also have a bug open on allowing a choice of export formats, though I don’t know whether or when we’ll get to that since it’s not hard to produce MO files yourself.

    For documentation about gettext, the formats, tools etc. look for the link in this part of the document:

    “You can find out more about these file formats and using GNU gettext in the .”

    For more good practice and information about the general i18n process, try the link in the “Quick tip” bar.


  5. Jeroen Vermeulen Says:

    Ah, it looks like my angled brackets got turned into markup. Look for “…and using GNU gettext in the GetText manual.”

  6. Mike Rooney Says:

    Thanks Jeroen. Kamil’s comment was definitely not on the page when I commented, and it just showed up in Google Reader the other day so something weird must have happened with it. Either way, thanks for the responses!

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