Translation import notifications for Ubuntu

A few days ago a fix for bug #286359 landed: provide translation import notifications to Ubuntu packagers. This means that all packagers will start getting emails about translation files (basically, *.pot and *.po files) from their packages as soon as they are imported (or the import fails).

This should help packagers detect and fix l10n-related problems more easily, since they’ll have most of the debugging information they need right inside their inboxes. If you want to filter these emails, look for a sender of

The grey area of where to send notifications for automatically synced package uploads from Debian remains. I am planning on solving that with a public mailing list where anyone interested can go in and check for problems, and also fix them if they want to. Alternative is to rely on the recent improvement by Jeroen which keeps any failure messages inside the import queue itself, and simply drop all of these messages altogether.

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