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If you translate using Launchpad, you’ll almost certainly be delighted to read that you can now search for translations!

Take a look at the English (UK) translations for WordPress. There are two search boxes. One at the very top-right of the page: that’s Launchpad’s new site-wide search. Below that, still on the right, is the translation search box.

Using the translations search box, you can search for a word or phrase as it appears in either the original English template or the language you’re currently viewing.

I had a chat with Jeroen Vermuelen, leader of the Launchpad Translations team, to ask about the work that has gone into the feature. He told me:

“This is something that people have wanted for a long time and the new translations search is the result of work we’ve been doing for the past year. We could have done it sooner but we wanted to do it right.

“When you’re searching as much data as we have in Launchpad Translations – around 16 million strings – you have to take the right approach to ensure results are accurate and timely.

“So, this is just what the doctor ordered for translators who are managing a particular translation and want to be able to tweak a specific message quickly.”

2 Responses to “Translations searching”

  1. Stani Says:

    Thanks a lot! One note: the two search boxes might be confusing for new time users. Why not use “Search Translations:” instead of “Search:”. Also from the UI design point of view, it is quite inconsistent to put “Search” inside the upper search box with a search icon, and to put “Search:” outside the lower search box without an icon. Choose for one or the other. I prefer myself more the approach with the icon, but maybe you would make a custom icon (magnifying glass with a flag) to make the distinction clear, once text has been entered. So this needs some polishing for the UI, but I am sure in the next version you will iron these issues out.

  2. Mostafa Denis Rmouch Says:

    I am really intersted in joining the rest of the team. However, it seems to me that the process is a little bit complicated. I need a path to truck the newly published documents to help in the translation process. English/French/Arabic are my domain of expertise. I need guidance to be part of the team. Thank you in advance.

    Mostafa Denis Rmouch

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