Translations style guides

Finding the right balance between open access and quality control is an ongoing challenge both for translations groups and the Launchpad Translations developers.

Launchpad already gives projects the flexibility to choose what level of openness versus control that they want for their projects, through different permissions policies. While that allows you to decide who can translate and who should review new translations, until now it hasn’t been particularly easy to introduce new and drive-by translators to your way of doing things.

Now, if you’re in a translation team, you can set a link to an externally hosted translations style guide. Simply go to the translations tab of your team’s page to set the link.

Once set, a link to your style guide will appear on each translation page for which your team is responsible, meaning you have a greater chance of getting suitable strings from new translators.

2 Responses to “Translations style guides”

  1. samu Says:

    Hello there, I could give you a hand in my extra free time for languages like Romanian and Italian, but I’m not an expert in programming so that means that I’ll need a way to learn what to do. If there is an way I hope that I’ll be usefull. Thank you!

    Ps:Should I have to check for an response via e-mail our on this same page?

  2. Antonio Sousa Says:


    with my experience in programming and with some experience in english, i can give a help, translating to portuguese, whatever is need…

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