Passionate about bug tracking? We’re hiring!

Hate bugs? Want to make it easier for free software projects to fight them? If so, there may be a place on the Launchpad team for you.

We’re looking for a developer to join the team that works on Launchpad’s bug tracker. There are a few things we’re looking for in our new team-mate. Most importantly, you should be passionate both about free software and helping projects find better ways to track bugs.

One of the existing Launchpad Bugs developers — Graham Binns — has a good way of summarising what he’d like to see in his new colleague:

I’d rather work with someone who looks at a feature and says “that’s cool but it will cause these problems for our users” than with someone who says “wow, that must have been complex to code, cool”.

If you live and breath Python, love free software, have strong experience hacking on bug trackers and have a string of successful projects behind you, take a look at the full job description. If you’re successful, you’ll be a joining fun, skilled and highly motivated team. You’ll also get a grilling from me for our Meet the devs feature 🙂

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