We’re hiring: a Software Engineer and a Usability and Communications Specialist

We’re looking for a couple of smart, motivated and experienced people to join us on the Launchpad team at Canonical.

First up is a Software Engineer, to join one of the Launchpad development squads working on both new Launchpad features and maintenance of existing functionality.

There’s also an opening for a Usability and Communications Specialist. This is to join Launchpad’s Product Team, where we’re looking for someone who can run a usability research programme and produce documentation, blog posts and so on.

If you’ve got any questions about either role, feel free to grab me (mrevell) on FreeNode.


5 Responses to “We’re hiring: a Software Engineer and a Usability and Communications Specialist”

  1. Rick Says:

    Just a heads up, the site fails a bit in Chrome due to the mix of https/http content. On first load it actually refuses to load the non-secure content until the option is pressed.

  2. Martin Owens Says:

    Engineer who specialises in usability and communications; hiring a unicorn would be easier. If you can’t find someone, training an existing person would be great.

  3. Matthew Revell Says:

    Rick: do you have an example URL? I’m using Chrome and don’t see that.

    Martin: these are two separate positions. One is a software engineer, the other is a usability and communications specialist.

  4. David Lloyd-Jones Says:


    I’d be interested in the usability one. It’s a long term interest of mine. Active on the Web since 1972 — when it was ARPAnet, before DARPA was a gleam in Joe Lickleider’s and Senator Mansfield’s eyes. Member of the IETF in its early days, and an inactive, watching, member of the IP6 subcommmittee ever since. Former staff member MIT AI Lab.

    Built the first 400 coin laundries in Japan, and got rich. Manufactured auto parts in fair competition with the Chinese — and got poor again. Accountant by training.

    Put myself through college when I went back in the ’80’s by programming collaborative systems inder Lotus 123-4.

    Where do I send what?



  5. Jaydeep Deshmukh Says:

    I am interested in the software engineer post.

    I have more than 9 years of experience in the IT mainly working in Java , J2ee technologies though I am open to working on any technology.

    Please let me know if I fit your profile.


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