Launchpad is Go!

Go!There’s a new Launchpad client library, called lpad, for the Go programming language.

Gustavo writes:

lpad is based on a two-layered design. The top layer offers a static API which allows a more comfortable interaction with the API with static checks, better documentation, and more. The bottom layer is fully dynamic and enables the developer to access all the features of Launchpad, even those not supported by the top static layer.

There’s still work to do but the library is pretty much complete and it’s well tested, including integration tests which communicate with the real production servers.

You can get hold of lpad with a simple:

bzr branch lp:lpad

Check out the full API documentation.

Photo by Iain Farrell. Licence: CC BY-ND 2.0.


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  1. abhiram Says:

    i just upgraded my ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 after 5 min its launcher and other panel dissapeared it does’nt come even after restarting pls help me

  2. Matthew Revell Says:

    Abhiram, you’ll get a better response by posting your questions at

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