Doing it for the Luz

Luz is a new project to Launchpad. It creates impressive visual effects that can react to music or be driven by a person using a MIDI controller or a gamepad.

It has been created by Ian McIntosh, part of a Portland, Oregon, artists collective who produce light and projection shows.

Here’s what the Luz page on the Light Troupe site has to say:

With one click, any movement or effect can dance to the beat, react to audio, or be driven directly by human input from any number of any device: Gamepads & Joysticks, MIDI knobs & sliders, MIDI Pianos & Drums, WiiMotes, Wacom Tablets, and any app that can send OpenSoundControl.

Ian has provided a handy series of YouTube tutorials, to get you started. If you want to try it out, here’s the first of those tutorials:

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