launchpad @ UDS-O

OcelotAs part of determining What’s Next?, Jonathan (our Product Strategist) and I will be attending UDS Oneiric next week (May 9th – May 13th) in Budapest. If you are running a session where you need input from Launchpad, or working on a Ubuntu project that would require Launchpad infrastructure change, be sure to subscribe us to the blueprint so that we know to attend the session. It’s likely that anything major that would require a full squad probably wouldn’t be able to be completed before late in the cycle. But there are certain small enhancements that could certainly be taken as part of the maintenance squad work.

Feel free also to grab us in the corridors or in the bar to give us praise and tell us how Launchpad is working great for you! We always appreciate those stories. If you want to complain, or tell us how Launchpad could be even greater if it had this extra feature or do this that way, well, that’s ok too, but will be better appreciated if you offer us a drink 😉

Photo by Chris Barella. Licence: CC BY-NC 2.0.

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