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Feature Friday: the bug activity log

Friday, April 30th, 2010

When you’re new to a bug report that’s already had quite a bit of activity, it can take a few minutes to get a hang of what’s been happening.

Launchpad gives you a shortcut that lets you quickly see the history of the bug: the bug activity log.

Let’s take a look at a bug I’ve been working on recently: bug 544799. While the main bug page gives you the current description, comment history and details of status changes, you can get a concise yet comprehensive overview of the bug’s history by following the See full activity log link.

So, when you need to get up to speed on a bug report, head for the activity log.

Feature Friday: project announcements

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Not sure you need a full blog for your project but still want to announce your news?

Launchpad gives you a no-frills way to make project announcements, complete with an Atom feed.

It’s simple to get started: visit your project overview page and click Make announcement in the right-hand column’s Announcements box. There you’ll also find a link to your project’s announcements Atom feed.

Take a look at Sikuli’s announcements as an example:

Sikuli's announcements

Any announcement you make will also show up in the universal Launchpad announcements feed.

–fixes lp:1234

Friday, April 9th, 2010

As I’ve said before, Launchpad is pretty big. Getting to know everything you can to do in Launchpad can take a while.

Of course, there are the user guide, the tour and the dev wiki even has a feature check-list. It’s still easy to miss things.

So, I’m turning the fifth day of each week into Feature Friday 🙂

I’m gonna kick off with something I use a lot and that, to be honest, is more a Bazaar feature, than a Launchpad feature:

bzr commit -m "Adds email functionality to the client, thereby obeying Zawinski's law." --fixes lp:1234

Adding --fixes lp:1234 to a commit tells Bazaar that the branch contains a fix for bug 1234 tracked in Launchpad.

The next time you push the branch to Launchpad, Launchpad will create a link between the branch and bug 1234.