Extra options when filing bugs

You may have noticed that we introduced some useful new options when filing bugs. These are especially useful to anyone who files lots of bugs.

Something for everyone.

Everyone can now set tags when filing a bug. Previously, only people going via the advanced bug filing page would have the option.

One caveat: the tag field is not yet wired up with the magical tag auto-completer that you can use on the bug page itself, but that’s coming.

Something for bug supervisors.

If you’re filing a bug against a project for which you’re a bug supervisor, some additional fields appear in the new Extra options area (which is collapsed by default, but can be expanded by clicking on it). There are options to let you to set the initial status, the importance and the milestone of the bug, and also assign it directly to someone to work on.

If you have any problems with these new features, please file bugs against Launchpad Bugs, or talk to the help contact in #launchpad on freenode.

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  1. Ralph Corderoy Says:

    Please do something abut the light gray on white text. It’s bizarre.

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