Series dashboards

Up until now, series overview pages have offered a historical overview of a series. Today, we’ve released our new series overview pages that work much more like a dashboard for people driving a series.

Before we look at the new dashboards, let’s clear up some terminology: to clarify the difference between the roles, we’ve changed the name “series driver” to the more familiar term “release manager”. Most projects use series as lines of development that result in one or more releases and so it makes sense to reflect that in the role’s name.

Project drivers remain as they are.

So, back to the new series dashboards: take a look at the page for Drizzle’s trunk series and you’ll see that the page now has a whole load of information that makes it easier to see the current state of that series. Perhaps of most interest is the Milestones and releases section.

Bugs and blueprints in the milestone section of Drizzle's trunk series dashboard

At a glance, you can see how much work is planned for the series’ upcoming milestones and the progress being made with those blueprints and bugs.

Further down on the page you get links to the series’ mainline Bazaar branch and details of packages associated with the series.

If you’re a series release manager, let us know what other information you’d find useful on the series dashboards.

2 Responses to “Series dashboards”

  1. oCatacoo Says:

    I would like to applaud the person who implemented the design of the Mile Stones and Releases I heard that this was coming and I am glad that it is here. I believe as developers this shows the intuitive ideas surrounding the Launchpad Project. I like to see that development process is churning. Way to Go Guys. Maybe one day someone will explain how to make that clock stop flashing 12:00 some day though.

  2. Jay Pipes Says:

    Hi! Thanks for using the Drizzle project for an example! We definitely use a ton of Launchpad’s functionality, eh? 🙂

    One thing to consider: it would be nice if the notes about the milestone under the Summary column would respect the line breaks in the original milestone notes section. This would enable lists to remain newline-separated.

    Cheers, and great work so far!


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