New ‘web_link’ property on API objects

Launchpad has a REST API that exposes almost every object within Launchpad. Most of them have API URLs that closely match the human-readable URL: for instance, can also be obtained in machine-oriented JSON or XML form from (The “1.0” in that URL means this is in the 1.0 API namespace.)

Previously, many Launchpadlib clients used string transformation to get from the API URL to something they could show a human in a web browser.

We’ve just added a web_link property on all Launchpad objects, so client applications can (and should) now just use that instead. Because this is just sent in the object representation you don’t need to upgrade launchpadlib to see it.

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3 Responses to “New ‘web_link’ property on API objects”

  1. Francis J. Lacoste Says:

    We only support JSON (it’s not possible to retrieve XML representation of objects.)

  2. Martin Pool Says:

    @Francis, actually it is, with eg

    curl -v -H 'Accept: application/xhtml+xml' ''

  3. Francis J. Lacoste Says:

    @Martin That’s different than a full XML representation. It’s a XHTML rendition of the object which is mainly used to update the UI via the javascript.

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