Legal Page Updates


Today I’m happy to announce two changes which appear on the Launchpad Legal page.

  1. The Launchpad Logo, previously unlicensed, is now licensed as “Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales”. “No Derivative” was chosen to preserve our branding integrity.
  2. The Launchpad Help wiki documentation and the Launchpad News blog, previously unlicensed, are now licensed as “Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales”.

These changes have been made in response to our users and other commercial entities inquiring if they can display/reuse/remix these items. Previously, any non-Launchpad use required explicit permission (except as permitted by fair-use).

Please visit the Launchpad Legal page for the full details and links to the Creative Commons Licenses.

Joey Stanford

2 Responses to “Legal Page Updates”

  1. jldugger Says:

    So what does this mean for say, Lenov?

  2. troy_s Says:

    Somehow this seems rather unfortunate.

    There is no more elusive and misunderstood term than branding in our FLOSS community. You can’t create ‘branding integrity’. You can’t even create ‘branding’. An extremely wise designer once said “A logo is not a brand unless it is on a cow.”

    Second, perhaps it would be wise to polish the wordmark up to the point that one might not want to change it. A glaring issue might be the unfortunate kerning between the c h p triplet, and to a lesser degree, the a and the d. The typographic colour is a little shy of consistent.

    Had the sources been obviously obtainable somewhere, and given an appropriate license that would encourage some twiddling, someone might have done this already.


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