Launchpod episode 9: looking back at Launchpad 2.0 and how we do Launchpad QA

Launchpod: the Launchpad team podcast! Recorded at the Launchpad Releases team sprint in Longmont Colorado.

Hosts: Matthew Revell and Joey Stanford.
Theme: Obscurity by Barry Warsaw.

  • 00.50: The value of sprints in a distributed team.
  • 01.55: Looking back at the new features in Launchpad 2.0, including metrics on what went into 2.0. Plus a look ahead to the next set of Launchpad milestones.
  • 10.20: A little on how we develop and test code for Launchpad.
  • 12.15: Some of the Launchpad team went to OSCON. Joey talks about what they got up to.
  • 15.33: What happens when a PPA package appears to be non-free software?
  • 18.15: Diogo Matsubara talks about his QA work on Launchpad.
  • 24.20: Introducing Ursula Junque the latest member of the Launchpad QA team!

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