Privacy and security replaced by information type

Bug and branch information types

All users can now see the information type section that replaces the privacy and security section shown on bug and branch pages. This change allows users to clearly state the kind of information a bug or branch contains. Launchpad will soon permit project maintainers to share information types instead of managing individual bug and branch subscriptions. Project maintainers can see a link on their project’s front page to the  “Sharing” page. Sharing lists all the users and teams their project shares some private bugs and branches with. This list might be surprising. Launchpad Beta testers will soon be able share and unshare kinds of information to simplify management of whom the project discloses private information to.

See Reimaging the nature of privacy in Launchpad for more details.

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  1. Norbert R. Ibañez Says:


    Where is now the future of Firestarter in Ubuntu?

    I would like to leave a note on the safety of care for Ubuntu and its creators, part leaves me a little worried, because reconsider should return the package back to that comment below.

    It is that version from the Ubuntu 14.04 repository Firestarter has been removed. Gufw currently exists, but is not as visually operating as if it has been Firestarter, and consider it a serious error that the repository that firewall is not included because it is one of the most appreciated and used by all users. I have nothing against Gufw , but no comparison. It is possible install Firestarter with a compiled package, but not having the repository and available from the Ubuntu version 13 onwards, leaves us with a troubling vacuum.

    I have driven from Firestarter version of Debian Sarge and always with excellent results, and when he was first ubuntu install by giving me confidence that software.

    I hope the direction of Ubuntu stops for a few minutes to reconsider the possibility of including the Firestarter firewall lso repsitorios of Unbuntu with other firewalls, to continue giving options liberated and not reduce it to only what is in the software center .

    Thank you very much for reading this short message.

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