Inkscape embeds Launchpad Answers

Around this time last year I wrote about Inkscape‘s switch to Launchpad Bugs.

Since then, Inkscape have taken to Launchpad wholeheartedly, using Code and Blueprint as well.

As an Inkscape user — rather than developer — I was excited to see that when I click “Ask us a Question” in the Inkscape help menu I’m taken straight to Inkscape in Launchpad Answers to ask it!

Inkscape's help menu

If you’ve seen anything similar, I’d love to hear about it.

4 Responses to “Inkscape embeds Launchpad Answers”

  1. ethana2 Says:

    Speaking of inkscape and launchpad, is there a bugfix release for the 0.46 series coming soon?

  2. Dread Knight Says:

    This is so awesome! 🙂 wish more projects would integrate better with launchpad… and that launchpad would make binaries for all platforms 😛


  3. Máirín Says:

    I’m more than a little uncomfortable about links to closed-source sites being embedded in Inkscape. OCAL is different since it’s a FOSS webapp full of public-domain goodness.

  4. Michael Says:

    This is cool. I’ve been doing something similar in my project wxBanker ( Check out my recent post for a screenshot of it in action. I am thinking it might be cool to use the launchpad API to download the FAQs and present them in the application, as well as shipping cached versions with releases in case there is no internet available. I’d also like to add options to contribute via blueprints and translations as well

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