Tomdroid: Tomboy notes for Android

I like to use Tomboy for just about any time I need to make a note. Shopping lists, a GTD collection bucket, notes from a phone call: Tomboy’s ideal.

Actually, up until recently I didn’t use Tomboy for shopping lists all that often. Making the list was fine but getting it to the supermarket usually meant printing it out, or something else that wasn’t quite as convenient as I’d like.

Baskets only

Then I installed Tomdroid.

Tomdroid does one thing and it does it well: it synchronises your Tomboy notes from elsewhere and lets you read them on your Android phone. You can import your notes from an SD card or, more usefully, synchronise with a TomboyWeb provider such as Ubuntu One.

Now I can tap out my shopping list on a real keyboard and carry it with me without a second thought. And, of course, all those other notes that make my life run smoothly are there with me wherever I am.

Tomdroid uses Launchpad for bug tracking, code hosting, blueprints and questions/answers.

You can download the latest version from the Android Market.

Photo by Tristram Biggs. Licence: CC BY-ND 2.0.

10 Responses to “Tomdroid: Tomboy notes for Android”

  1. giustones Says:

    Hi, do you know if there is an option to make word searches in the notes?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Dstor Says:

    Big caveat you didn’t mention: Tomdroid is read-only, which severely limits its usefulness. When it starts supporting note creation it will be a viable alternative to the other android note taking apps out there.

    Yay for minimal required permissions though.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Great! How do i use tomdroid with Launchpad?

  4. Manish Sinha Says:

    I installed Tombdroid from the market. The version I got is very basic.

    The description says
    Tomboy – Tomboy compactible wikiiwiki note-taking application that can’t take notes yet

  5. Matthew Revell Says:

    Sorry, the version of this blog post that actually ended up being published had a small error that I thought I’d fixed. The error (not properly closing an <a> tag) meant that much of the text was lost.

  6. Matthew Revell Says:

    As for it being read-only, I still think that’s pretty useful but maybe I should have explicitly said that. It works great for what I want and I’m sure patches are welcome ­čÖé

  7. Peter Adams Says:

    With create/edit/delete functionality this would be the app I’ve long been searching for. Sadly I need to keep searching as the project doesn’t seem to be actively developed anymore.


    […] // Well, this is not new but I’ve somehow missed the news. Anyway, I was reading on theLaunchpad blog┬áthat you can use Tomboy Notes on your Android device. The app is called “Tomdroid” and […]

  9. Matus Says:

    “CHALK” is better, allow to edit and synchronize with Ubuntu One…Tomdroid is read-only !

  10. Bill Says:

    I don’t mind the read-only part but it seems that it does not support Notebooks. I have my notes organized in Notebooks in Tomboy but Tomdroid just lists the Notes without Notebook info. Please tell me if I an doing something wrong.

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