Less mail about translation imports

Continuing on from our earlier work of sending less but better mail and making it faster to import i18n translation templates: Launchpad will no longer send mail when it successfully imports a template. You can see in the web ui when the template was last imported, and you will still get mail if there’s a problem.

I could hardly put it better than Riddell:

Danilo asked for my reasoning. My reasoning is that pointless e-mails are a pain.

Big pile of junk mail from Verizon

(I hope we’ll eventually have a more structured notification model, that will let you choose to see some notifications by mail and others in the web ui. One step at a time.)

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2 Responses to “Less mail about translation imports”

  1. Greg Auger Says:

    On a related note…

    Can you ensure that when things do go wrong with the translations, the email goes to the right person?

  2. Martin Pool Says:

    Hi Greg,

    I hope we can.

    The specific messages you give as examples won’t be sent any more, but you may still get other spurious messages.

    I think lp needs a better idea of who actually is interested in translation import errors. Perhaps nobody actually wants mail about it, and they can just look in the ui to see if things are working?

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