Sharing translations between different releases

Over the past few months we’ve been slowly introducing a grand new feature in Launchpad Translations, and with 2.2.7, we are finally ready to announce it to the wide world: message sharing.

Introducing message sharing

Message sharing between different releases of a product or distribution in Launchpad means that translations done in one release (eg. trunk) would immediately apply to translations in another release (eg. stable). This should benefit everyone using Launchpad for translations, one way or another.

  • Translators will not have to worry about back-porting translation fixes to older releases anymore, and they can simply translate the latest release: translations will automatically propagate to older releases. Also, this works both ways, so if you are translating a current stable release, newer development release will get those updates too!
  • Project maintainers hosting their translations in Launchpad, when they upload a template to a new release series and it gets imported, will instantly get all existing translations from previous releases shared with the new series and translators won’t have to re-do their work. They won’t have to worry about uploading correct versions of translated PO files, and can just care about POT files instead.
  • For Ubuntu, there’s another benefit: opening a new release for translations will take minutes instead of days. Message sharing also improves the scalability of the system, and we should soon start seeing more performance improvements as the result of migrating to this new way of managing translations.

How to benefit from message sharing?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be migrating all existing projects to make the best use of message sharing. If there are any potential problems with existing projects, we’ll be emailing their maintainers and resolving it as we go along. Messages will be shared only between templates in one particular project, and only if they all have the same name. For Ubuntu, they will be shared only between templates in one particular source package, and again, only if they are of the same name.

For example, Ubuntu Jaunty and Ubuntu Karmic already share their messages. If you update a translation for one single string in Karmic GNOME Panel, and that same string exists in Jaunty GNOME Panel, Jaunty translation will be instantly and automatically updated to exactly the same translation.

If you want one particular release to have a different translation from all the other releases, that’s still possible. So, if you do not want a translation in Jaunty to be modified when a translation is changed in Karmic, you have that option too. Since we don’t expect this option to be used often, it’s hidden in the “zoomed in” view on each single message.

What next?

We’ll have to carry out a data migration for each of the projects using Launchpad Translations. Luckily, this migration will be completely transparent, so there’s nothing for anyone else to do. On the outside, nothing will change, until you start doing translations for more than one release series, when they’ll just be better.

New projects will get benefits of message sharing right away, and existing ones should be a bit patient because doing the migration takes some time, but allows to keep the full history of translations intact.

If you are interested to learn more, come talk to us on #launchpad on FreeNode, or join the launchpad-users mailing list.

4 Responses to “Sharing translations between different releases”

  1. Shane Fagan Says:

    This is great. It would be cool if launchpad would suggest similar translations between applications as well. So if one string is translated and in another application the same string appears it should pick up on that.

  2. Danilo Says:

    Thanks, Shane. That’s one of the goals as well, and it would be integrated in the similar way identical translations from different applications are shown already. However, it involves some careful design and performance tuning, since we are dealing with a large data set of all the translations, which makes this a non-trivial feature to implement.

  3. Danilo Says:

    Btw, note that identical translations _are_ already offered from across different applications: they are not activated automatically since that would be a wrong thing to do in a large percentage of cases. But, they are just a click away.

  4. Launchpad Blog Says:

    […] Danilo blogged recently about Launchpad’s new feature which shares translations between releases of the same project. […]

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